Aldo Coppola — one of the most respected brands in the world of fashion and beauty. His name is a well-known brand synonymous with luxury, elegance and style. From the very childhood Aldo was sure that hairdressing is his calling. At the age of 12 he begins to work in the salon of his father, continuing at the same time to attend classes at the Academy, where he learned the history of costume and hairstyle. In the 50s at the age of 15 he receives the title of Art Maestro and won the Italian championship of women’s hairstyles.

He has then and now a great desire inside him to invent fantastic hairstyles. The passion for this kind of styling more clearly expressed in the early ’60s, when he begins to work with some women’s weekly magazines.

In 1961 Biki invites him to make hairstyles for models who took part in fashion shows in a Pitti Palace in Florence. By 20 years Aldo left his father’s, got married and opened his own salon on Via Manzoni.

Interaction with the media was growing more and more, and the working day of Aldo becomes more intense: the work in the salon for some publications, the creation of new images for Cosmoprof and fashion shows, art books and calendars that were born from close collaboration with L’Oreal.

The creation of his own line of hair care products was driven by the desire to be independent from other suppliers. Even the construction of professional agencies, among which were the freelancer, dealing with hair and make up for the public media and fashion shows, was a natural response to a special need.

In the 1983 again for L’Oreal he begins to make a show in trends of fashion-hair-make up at the international level, which represent the enchanting performances with a huge number of spectators.

In 1991 he opens the first salon by a project of Philippe Starck on Corso Garibaldi, which becomes both the design salon, gathering a large number of journalists from design publications from all over the world, and the experimental shop for all new stores of Aldo Coppola.

In 1992 he introduces a franchising system, which still has more than 50 companies throughout Italy.

In 1993 he starts preparing for the opening of a new school / Academy, in order to distinguish himself from the rest of the market and to reach the highest level including the sphere of education.

Nowadays. Twice a year Aldo Coppola brand holds the great show in Milan called “New tendencies”.