Hair Experience


Aldo Coppola employs only the very best hairdressers to cater for a very discerning clientele, and personally educates each one at his Milan academy. It takes years of training to become part of Aldo Coppola’s global team.


The unique method of palming the comb and ‘spreading’ the organic hair colour with free hands or using patented tools, enhances naturally groomed, glowing, healthy hair. We believe that colour should be as natural as possible, using the most advanced formulations to protect and nourish the hair structure. Our cuts are based on de-structing sharp lines and creating texture so that the hair is free, not constrained by a specific shape, for a contemporary, yet feminine look.


The quintessence of Aldo Coppola “tools of the trade” are expressed in his extentive line of highly effective products. Created initially for his Italian hairdresser salons and now available to purchase, the innovative technical lines target different hair care needs. Inspired by Italian traditions, the formulations are achieved by using natural ingredients and pure oils, Mediterranean plants and fruit extracts combined with natural sugars and beeswax to improve health and vitality of the hair. The products are exclusively available in Aldo Coppola salons. Every treatment is bespoke to the individual and is mixed after an in depth consultation with one of our highly trained experts. The effects of this exclusive treatment are immediate, bringing volume and shine to the hair and delicately resolving any scalp problems.